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SBLC (Stand by Letter of Credit). The Scam Fraud and Deception.

This website is dedicated to those of who have been swindled and tricked out of their hard earn money by the con who pretended that they are a financial SBLC provider or they are a part of a wealthy private investment group who can provide or lease you a SBLC for your international trade or Government project. 

The facts are the phony companies set-up by very sophisticated individuals who has some knowledge of your intended transaction and banking regulations is determined to provide you with fake documents and trick your money out of your pocket without you even realizing that. They are spread-out in several States and smaller cities in the US and foreign countries making law enforcement agencies to have nightmares.    

If not apprehended and locked away these dirt bags will destroy the small business economic infrastructure and the trade industry in the US within the next two years.  

Have you been tricked by the following companies or individuals ? 

v  Life of a CEO a financial provider SBLC provider company based in Los Angeles.

v  Scott Kinney (Identify as a financial broker and SBLC specialist) from Oakland and San Francisco bay area.

v  Virginia World Wide Group LLC of Roanoke Virginia.

v  ARGUS Financials Inc, of Roanoke Virginia, fake SBLC and Financial provider.

v  William Andrews III an attorney who operates a phony escrow company in Virginia.

Additional Fraudsters and Con artists STRUCTURED BUSINESS FINANCE OF LONDON (UK) 
Steven Resnick- Operates a scam on SBLC and various banking instruments operates as an Agent of General Equity Building Society of New Zealand
Global Banking Consultants
of Plantation Florida.   All of these individuals can be apprehended with multiple cases. We need victims.

If these names are familiar to you or If you are a victim of a financial crime by these con men and do not know what to do or where to get help WE CAN HELP !!! 

Please e-mail us with your genuine documents to support your complain. Do not allow these criminals to destroy our economy and live lavish lifestyles on your expense show them their new house "the Jail".                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Most modern internet and banking system white collar crime committed by a sophisticated and well diversified group of individuals all over the country and around the world.

Type of crime committed:

Bank standby letters of credit (SBLC), Bank Guarantees (BG), Proof of Funds (PF) and Performance Guarantees (PG), all transactions are required by international trade under normal transactions between a buyer and a supplier.  (or) manufacturer.

Consider typing up “SBLC providers” on MSN or your Google search, there are hundreds of business operators will pop up but the study showed 99% of these are fraudulent or has some criminal content to get you to transfer your hard earn dollars to their pockets. 

These groups operate well within the law they have business licenses, bank account(s) both local and overseas. Their documents and forms seems to have all required declarations stating non solicitation, wont mislead you they identify themselves as not a United States Securities Dealer or Broker or U.S. Investment Adviser.

The group of individuals are sophisticated, the team made up with those who had previous banking, and international trade experiences. Often associated with private banks and private financial institutions. Have local representatives in most countries makes the operation looks more legitimate and generally the victims are more secure as there is a local representative to help. Some local representative may be operating under a different business name as they may represent multiple phony financial providers both local and international.

Why there are so many groups and so many crimes like this:

The simple reason is after the strict banking regulations and lending practices by most of the US & EU banks the requirements for Bank standby letters of credit (SBLC), Bank Guarantees, Proof of Funds and Performance Guarantees have been stringent.  Some banks even have eliminated their trade departments providing such services due to lack of exports. Most times in the US it would be nearly impossible to receive such Bank standby letters of credit (SBLC), Bank Guarantees from your local bank without 110% collateral. As an example if you are in-need of a Trade SBLC valued at $1.0M you must deposit $1.1M in to a secured bank account. This is where the sticking point is for most of the small businesses. They do not have such cash on hand to give to the banks, There are some Government programs set forth by the US trade department but qualifying to get those SBLC’s  are time consuming and even unpractical. 

This is where the criminals move-in. your local bank will take 2 days to get an answer to your simple problem. Often times they will call you at the end of the day just to let you know that the banker needs more time as the approval is still pending.  On a “SBLC or BG Provider” local representative will answer all your questions in one day they will approve the documents within 48 hours guaranteed !!  They will provide you an actual template of bank transaction forms in word format !!  Much easier way to get through and both parties agrees on a 14-18% down payment for the same transaction your banker requested 110% cash collateral. 

How you can protect your self and your business:  
(Details will be available soon)


Please report your complain via e-mail to us: One of our agents will contact you to determine the criminal charges. We deal with the law enforcement agency's and the authority who can impose criminal charges on these individuls. 

If you live overseas NOT in the US please e-mail us at :

Please include your name, company and contact details. sblc sc

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